What Clients & Colleagues Say About Pam Chubbuck…

“Pam is the absolute BEST. Sensitive, creative, adventurous and absolutely the sharpest of therapists. She has deep insight into the human struggle from fearlessly facing her own life’s difficulties and from extensive academic studies in a wide diversity of ‘fields’ – medical to metaphysical and everything in between. I would trust Pam with my own kids.”
Jac Conaway PhD (Core Energetics Therapist, Pathwork Helper, International Trainer, NY)

 “Pam Chubbuck is a person of true integrity. In my experiences with Pam I always felt warmly received, understood and never judged. Pam’s compassion and insight make for an experience that allowed safe exploring and discovery of my whole being and well-being. She intervened and guided from her higher self with great intuition and skill. This higher self perspective acts as a beacon that helped me better find and know my own higher self. I can fully recommend Dr. Chubbuck as a person and a professional who will assist and guide you on your way to your higher personal and professional self.”
~ John Burton, EdD, LPC, LPCS (Author of Hypnotic Language: Its Structure & Use, and States of Equilibrium)

“I am a psychotherapist in practice in Roswell, Georgia, as I have been for the past sixteen years, and I have worked with Pam Chubbuck for the past nine years. Her wealth of experience and her abiding compassion have been a steadying influence both professionally and personally. I have been able to grow beyond what I thought was possible before I began working with Pam. For that I am grateful.”
~ Jim Yandle, MSW, LCSW

“With Pam’s help, I was able to ‘Move My Energy’ and to release my anger in healthy ways. In the past I would hold that anger for months at a time and then release it inappropriately on a family member or friend. I feel that I have made more progress with Core Energetics in just a few months than I did over a three year period using traditional psychotherapy. I am feeling 100% better now and I only have small moments of depression as compared to feeling depressed for periods of several months at a time over the past 10-15 years.

Pam’s compassion for my troubled psychological condition was very apparent during our sessions. I found it very reassuring to have complete support as we worked together to explore the problems in my life. I also appreciated Pam not letting me avoid working on my problems with anger. I was very impressed by how much Pam cared about me and my life. In addition she made every effort to enlighten me as to the reasons I was experiencing whatever form of psychological trauma that I expressed through anger, sadness, or depression. I want to say again how much Pam has helped me to return to living a full life. Thank you, thank you for that!”
~ Michael Rich (Atlanta)

“… I have moved forward by leaps and bounds. Core Energetics work helped facilitate me peeling off my outer layers so that my Divinity shines through…”
~ Sally Sue, RN, MS (Psychiatric Nursing Student, South GA)

“Dear Pam, This [newsletter] is great stuff! How lucky I was to have you as my therapist in the late ’70s and to learn what I needed to learn at that time in my life, when I needed it most! And, I creadit you for literally saving my life, when the doctors had used all of their tools for curing the leukemia that ravaged my body in 1986. I had been given a death notice. You whispered in my ear something I will never forget that saved my life in that hospital. Since that time I have completed a Master’s, become licensed and opened our home to other cancer patients to learn how to cope with cancer. I am so grateful for you in my life. Keep up the good work! You are truly one of the Angels! Love always”
~ Patty

-Tomorrow is my 74th birthday! AND, 26 years later… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”
~ Pat Goldman, LPC

“In the few months that I have been working with Pam, I have experienced more energy than I have had in years and a greater capacity for joy than I have ever known.”
~ PPG (Snellville)

“Pam Chubbuck is indeed a Senior Therapist. She has been supervising my work with groups and individuals during deep process and has also been able to hold a compassionate heart for me, the healer-therapist, at the same time hold loving awareness for my clients. Pam is a gifted teacher, mentor and supervisor. I am very happy to know her and have her in my life as one of my teachers.”
~ Enrique Arellano (Barcelona, Spain, Psychotherapist, BBSH Graduate, Transpersonal therapist, Core Energetics student in Italian Program (year 3), Craineo Sacral Therapist, Spiritual advisor)

“Core Energetics has brought me into deeper relationship with who I really am. I feel the energies that flow through my body, to a much greater degree. In a very tender way, I have been able to discover the reasons I had blocked memories. In a safe and reassuring environment I have been able to explore new feelings. Subsequently, peace and pleasure, in myself and my life have overflowed.”
~ LLM (Decatur, GA)

“I have begun to feel my sexuality in a way that I never dreamed possible for myself. As an individual who thought that I would be in “conventional” therapy forever, I am very grateful for the development and implementation of Core Energetics body-centered therapy.”
~ Lisa Larsen-Moss (engineer, BBSH graduate)

“After years of talk therapy, I felt and understood more in one session than I ever had before.”
~ VLC (Marietta)

“Pam accomplishes in 2 hours what psychoanalysis takes 20 years to do.”
~ J F (workshop participant, Barcelona, Spain)

“After years of chronic depression, and many years of conventional therapy, I came to Pam to work from a body perspective. What I found after only six months -was that my depression was lifting, my blood pressure was normal for the first time in years, and my sleep apnea improved greatly!”
~ JL (Psychotherapist, Marietta, GA)

“I worked with Pam in the late 70’s early 80’s. Looking back, I know that work changed my life profoundly and deeply for the better.”
~ Bridgett (school counsel, VA)

“My physician told me I had to have a colostomy… soon. I’d suffered from years of chronic colitis which was worsening. In only three weeks of work with Pam, my colitis calmed down and six months later was gone. Pam helped me deal with the repressed anger and sadness that I was holding in my guts. My physician was amazed.”
~ Jean, RN (Maine)

“In personal therapy, Pam is intuitive, grounded and realistic. She embodies a caring soul intent on reaching all aspects of a client’s body/mind as part of the healing process. Her sensitivity in group process is finely tuned… Pam’s years of experience in un-masking transference are evident. She adeptly helps the client transform this energy for growth.”
~ Julia Formby (Year II student in Core Energetics, MS student in Psychology)

 “Pam gave me the tools to go from where I was to where I wanted to go. It had been like trudging through a deep jungle and she showed me how to clear my own way!”
~ Melissa Hurley (Atlanta)

“Once or twice in a lifetime someone enters your life that truly makes a huge positive difference. Pam Chubbuck is one of those people for me.”
~ Edith Heter (California)

“I started working with Pam in 1991. I know I wouldn’t have the ability to love as deeply as I do, to feel as confident as I do, or to make the contribution in the world I’m honored to make, if it hadn’t been for Pam. Because of the safe environment she created, I was able to connect with and process locked-away feelings, which freed me up to access powerful aspects of myself.  I always felt her empathy and her nurturing spirit that allowed me the courage to go where I needed to go. Pam is extraordinarily gifted; I’m forever grateful for the experience of our work together.”
~ Karen Jones (Professional Coach, Maine)

“Dr Pam Chubbuck was my therapist for many years before I entered the 4 year Core Energetics South Training program. Working with Pam has been one of the most rewarding times of my life.
Being a part of Core Training Supervision was pretty scary at first because part of my childhood trauma had to do with teachers making harsh judgmental remarks. Working with Dr. Chubbuck was such a blessing as she supervised me in a way that supported, helped, and never judged me. She helped me to question my beliefs so I could get closer to the truth of my true self – thus assisting me to help my clients. Pam’s gentle and encouraging supervision remains with me as I work with others, for this I am most grateful. Thank you Pam!”
~ Jannine Roads (CCEP, Yoga Instructor, Professional Coach)

Mary’s Story

“…My yoga teacher suggested I go see Pam Chubbuck and work in Core Energetics. I’ll never forget my first visit with Pam, I was furious, enraged but holding it in as usual. Pam is a soft spoken, soft looking woman and when she looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘I’m not afraid of your anger,’ I was surprised. I thought, ‘damn, she recognized my anger right away, maybe she can help me.’ …