Last Sat Series (More Info)

Last Saturday Series!
Exciting! 3 Teaching & Experiential Workshops

Jan 30, Feb 27, March 26, 2016  –  10 AM to 5 PM

1, The Body Tells All: How & Why to Work with Body in Psychotherapy; Jan 30.
2, Feel to Heal: How & Why to Work with Emotions in Psychotherapy; Feb 27.
3, Getting to Expanded Consciousness: How & Why to Work with Spiritual Energy in Psychotherapy. March 26.

In health we are integrated beings. When we stop the flow of energy – dis-integrate – we are and feel unwell. Therefore – all of who we are – body/emotions/mind/Spirit – must be addressed to truly heal.

January 30, 2016 – 1, The Body Tells All! Wilhelm Reich taught us that “the body is the frozen history of a person”. When frightened we hold in our physical bodies. We must get the flow of energy moving to thaw, to heal and help others heal. Knowing how and why we work with the body is essential. We must move and experience our physical nature and discover that our bodies connect to our emotions and to our spiritual nature. No more sitting and talking all day!

“… we worked on all the levels I can imagine – – Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I moved my body, kicking, hitting with a tennis racquet, and yelling my rage. I cried deeply as, and for, the terrified little girl inside who was too frightened to express herself as a child.” ~ SL


February 27, 2016 – 2, Feel to Heal: The Fire of Emotions! When feelings are too frightening, our emotions are slowed down or stopped by our physical tensions. Our society has become obsessed about teaching us to hold our emotions even to the point of using drugs to stop the most natural human feelings. John Pierrakos, MD called working with “the fire of emotions” the best and fastest way to create the healing of all kinds of trauma. And the faster track to expanded consciousness. No more constricting or stopping strong emotions.
fire of emotions

“Core Energetics had…None of this bla bla bla talking stuff that never really addressed or solved my issues. Intellectual understanding had never been enough. Never before had there been a feeling component.
By directly engaging my emotions I have opened my jail cell. I have transformed my life and managed to open my heart”.~ SL

March 26, 2016 – 3, Getting to Expanded Spiritual Consciousness!

gifted artistry of Alex Grey

Core Energetics teaches that we are energy and consciousness. Core Energetics and New Physics teach that all of life expands – it’s the way of the universe. Humans included! Physicists tell us we are beings made of slowed down light. Isn’t that amazing! John Pierrakos, MD tells us we are all on a path toward healing and Home – (Unity with All). What more do we need to know to realize that as therapists we must address our basic powerful human need – for ourselves and our clients. Who are we? What are we doing here? (Planet Earth). How do we heal? How do we learn to love? What do we long for?
No more ignoring or being frightened by dealing with the Divine and/or the Demonic in life.

“I had tried everything. I know that sounds dramatic, but true. Core is all inclusive and is a therapy with heart. Love and the spiritual had never been addressed before. Pam saw my defenses and never lost sight of my beauty.” ~ SL

Join us! Integrate! Learn! Expand! Live more fully!

Cost: $150 Each. Save $50 when come to all three & pay $400 by Jan 31 (A Therapy Bargain!)
Where: Pam’s Office, Snellville, GA (near Stone Mountain}
Advance Registration Required
Invited: Professionals & Serious Seekers
CEUs Possible

You may take session one/two/or three. For best integrative results, come to all!
Saturday Series is open to professionals and all serious seekers.


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