Intensives Registration

Psycho-Spiritual Personal Intensives™

with Pam Chubbuck PhD

Registration Instructions

To register for a Personal Intensive with Pam, the first thing to do is request a time to speak with her by phone. Please try to plan Personal or Couples Intensive time well in advance, although we will try to schedule you in a timely manner. Please email a brief description of what you want and need assistance with via a Personal Intensive. After we receive your email we will set a time for a phone conversation. When you and Pam talk — should you both agree to schedule your Intensive — you will be asked to:

Write and send Pam your autobiography. (Instructions below)
Email is best. (indicate Confidential for Pam)

Therapy_002Send $500 deposit
Mail check payable to
Pam Chubbuck to:
 108 Big Buck Trail
, Crawford, Georgia 30630
Pay securely here
(3% PayPal fee added):

Some of your deposit will apply toward Dr Chubbuck’s professional time reading your autobiography, talking with you. and planning for your intensive. 

You will talk about your issues, you may ask questions, and together you and Pam will decide how much time you want and need for your Intensive. You will be billed at an hourly rate for preparation time. The rest of the deposit will go toward your Intensive and is deducted from your final bill.
No deposit refund for cancellations less than 30 days before your scheduled Intensive.

Challenges & Autobiography

Fall, Winter, Spring - Atlanta Area

Fall, Winter, Spring – Atlanta Area

Please write:

  • What is your longing?
  • Please tell me where you feel stuck in life
  • What negative patterns keep repeating? (e.g., difficulty in work, health or relationship difficulties)
  • Spiritual belief system and issues around religion or religious abuse issues
  • What do you know about your birth?

    Summer - cool, pristine Maine

    Summer – cool, pristine Maine

  • Birth to 5
  • 5 to 10
  • 10 to 15
  • 15 to 20
  • 20 to 30
  • 30 to 40
  • and so on to the present
  • Please include issues of physical health, and any hospitalizations you may have had
  • Physical and/or sexual abuse issues?
  • Are you or anyone you grew up with alcoholic or addicted to any drugs or activities (such as TV, computers, sex)?
  • What are your mental health issues? Ever hospitalized for mental health issues?
  • Current prescription medication(s)
  • Past psychotropic medication taken

Photos will also be requested; Core Energetics is body psychotherapy.

“Your intensive may begin for you with your preparation for it.
Many people begin to have some process with the writing of their autobiography.
Feelings, dreams, and waking thoughts may become richer
with your decision and commitment to work at this deep level.
This is a courageous step in your own healing process.
I honor your path and will support your process with all my skill and an open heart. “


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( I am required to advise you that sending electronic information cannot be guaranteed confidential.)

More About Personal Intensives with Pam:

“Dear Pam, My husband just came back from his 3 day Intensive with you. You are a real blessing. Thank you for sending me back the man I’d always longed for!”
~ M. Thomas (Virginia)

“Pam is so present that simply being with her changed my whole perspective. Pam opened a new doorway for me to walk through life. Over the four days I experienced a new template for relating to another human being. it was refreshing not to be confronted by judgment, expectations, and cultural and societal mores. On the contrary, Pam’s openness and acceptance of me, all of me… opened something up in me. My guard and defenses were dropped and I now know that this new way of relating which I first experienced with Pam, extended beyond my time with her…. You have impacted me immensely, Pam. Thank you for accepting me for who I am, just as I am, and for knowing just what I needed.”
~ AV (Canada)

“Our Intensive was a really great experience. The benefits are standing the test of time. I will admit that I questioned the process all the way through. Even though my jaw, neck, upper chest, back (upper and lower) had noticeably loosened up, and my vocal cords, too, I expected everything to spring back into a tight little know within a week or two of the Intensive. That didn’t happen! And of course, the physical manifestations are just part of the good changes that went on during and after that time. So, thank you, so much for being amazing at what you do! And for helping me a lot!”
~ Suzanne (Arizona)