Process Group

Monthly Process Group for Serious Seekers

We All Need a Safe Place to Do Our Own Work
Pam Provides that Place for You

 Facilitating Process Group: Pam Chubbuck PhD

All Serious Seekers including Professional Care Givers are Welcome!
2015 Group – starts Saturday, November 21, 2015
Call Pam to Apply. (770.388.0086) Individual session(s) required prior to joining, to confirm resonance with this work if no previous Core Energetics experience.

Seeking real change in your life? Willing to work for it? Join Us!
Process Group : Integrative – Evolutionary – Therapeutic – Assists you to uncover your false (Mask) self, confront your Lower Self Saboteur, nurture your Wounded Child, express your deep, Higher Self Truth (your Core) & find your joy! This group will be highly experiential, filling the gap that most of us have — that of not having enough deep, witnessed, personal process and therapy ourselves. We will dance, cry, sweat, stretch, rage, laugh, unblock stuck places in our mind/body/emotions, and love ourselves for who we are.

Serious seekers willing to commit to all group meetings & work through resistance to growth.
Process Group is excellent precursor to Core Energetics Training.

$150 for a Full Day of Pam’s “Master Therapist” Assistance – A True Therapy Deal!
5 CEUs possible for professionals

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“My greatest joy is to assist care givers to do their own work. I have led groups for over 35 years. Give the gift of this group to yourself. Join us.” ~ Pam Chubbuck, PhD, LICSW, LPC 

“Clarity. Integrity. Compassion. Grounded. Wise, Pam embodies these qualities and through that capacity she provides the safest of environments to process deeply defended pain held in the bodymind. My experience with her in group has relieved and inspired me. I am deeply grateful that she is willing to offer her wisdom and healing capacities to others. What a gift!”
~ Bridget Simmerman  (LCSW, Virginia)

“Pam creates a loving and safe environment where I can express myself freely. She establishes and maintains connection with the whole group and with each individual participant. Group has been very meaningful for me, and the energy of the group helps me jump in and do my own deep work, different than individual sessions. The music and exercises are fun, expansive and help me let go. Pam is gentle and positive while helping me confront my demons.”
~ Viviane Hens (LPC, MA)

“Group made me stretch. Family of origin modeled only ‘how not to be’, leaving many wounds. Graduate school and work advocated surface-level rote skills. Pam and brave, conscious group members helped me break through old patterns, learn to hang in and authentically work through relational issues. And I loved learning, by how Pam assisted others with ‘stuff’ and coping defenses different than mine. Grateful!” ~ GS

Serious Seeker Monthly Process Groupgroupfeetup (Rc)
When: One Saturday a month
November 21, 2015 thru May 7, 2016

Group meets the Third Saturday of each month, except May will be First Saturday.

Payment by cash, check or credit card with PayPal online (3% PayPal handling fee added)

Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: Pam’s Office, Snellville, GA 30039 (near Stone Mountain)
Who: Serious seekers – men and women
(ages 21- 95)

Email or call (770.388.0086) to apply for Monthly Process Group starting November 21, 2015

If Pam has not worked with you before, she will interview you before joining Process Group; individual session(s) likely required to help determine resonance with this work.

Receipts available for filing insurance reimbursement; please check regarding your coverage..
Limited to 8 participants so all may have personal time.
Monthly Process Group can work well for folks coming from a distance.

5 CEUs possible for professionals

Monthly Process Group Therapy requirements:

  • Commit to coming to all scheduled sessions. Be on time and stay entire day. 
  • Pay for all sessions even if you do not attend.
  • Be as present as possible and be willing to take risks. Work toward un-masking.
  • Be mindful that as part of the group what you do or don’t do influences the whole.
  • It is highly recommended that group members have individual therapy sessions in addition to group sessions, as group process can stir up deep memory and emotions which may need individual assistance.

Contact now to sign up or to learn more! Email