Passages into Womanhood: Empowering Girls to Love Themselves

Passages into Womanhood:
Empowering Girls to Love Themselves

Celebrating & Mentoring Girls & Young Women

A terrific gift for your mom, grandma, aunt, sister, daughter, friend or yourself!

"Pam has been helping women heal since 1963. With Pam's rich and varied background as: a pioneer in the women's movement; college professor in Women's Studies Program; mentor to girls and young women; Lamaze childbirth instructor; labor coach; midwife; La Leche League Leader; sex educator; healer; psychotherapist - Pam is the perfect person to assist girls and mentors. Read Passages into Womanhood  and experience how Pam helps you create wonderful empowering possibility and ceremony and points the way for you, as mentor, to find ways to heal yourself so that you can best assist the girl you love, to become empowered and truly love herself. The stories Pam includes in Passages into Womanhood are written from her deep well of knowledge. Sometimes appearing simple, these stories are multi-layered and will reverberate and continue to teach long after they are read. Passages into Womanhood is rich with Pam's three plus decades of experience as a body psychotherapist and healer."
~ Flying Eagle Press

Here's what people are saying about this book:

"Passages into Womanhood is a blueprint for welcoming girls into their womanhood with maximum access to their inner wisdom."
~ Christiane Northrup, MD (author: Mother-Daughter Wisdom; The Wisdom of Menopause; and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom)

"Passages into Womanhood is written by a wise woman sharing her knowledge to help empower girls and women.  This book portrays positive and enlightening stories that create an exciting picture for a girl on her path to womanhood ."
~ Joan Morais (author: A Time to Celebrate: A Celebration of a Girl' s Firs t Menstrual Period)

"This lovely book masterfully bridges the gap between biology, spirituality, and psychology.  Pamela Chubbuck is a renaissance woman who has crafted a wonderful book.  I wish 'Passages' was available to me as an adolescent."
~ Michelle A. Manting, MD (Director of Medical Student Education, Department of Obstetrics & Gynocology; Holistic Women's Health Specialist,  Medical College of Georgia)

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