Welcome to the World! How & Why You Came to Earth

A Spiritual Story for Young Children That Even Adults Will Understand

"At age three, my first-born granddaughter would snuggle in my bed when I'd visit, and tell me about the angels she saw and heard. She was a quiet introspective little girl and didn't talk much. But when we turned off the lights to go to sleep, she told me about talking to God. She hadn't yet forgotten how." ~ Pam Chubbuck, PhD (author, psychotherapist)

Multicultural and multiracial illustrations showing we are truly One.

Gather your children, snuggle in bed with them and read this little book.
Then turn off the lights, expand your mind and let the magic happen.

"Pam Chubbuck writes from her heart and soul and draws us into her magic."
~ Joyce Dillon (RN, MA, author, professional wellness coach)

"A wonderful, delightful book destined to fill the hearts of both the children who read it and the grownups who read it to them."
Phyllis Stein, PhD (Director, Washington University School of Medicine, HRV Lab)

"A fabu-licious book for kids and grownups!"
~ Vally D'Souza, PhD (Professor, University of Missouri St Louis)

"Dr. Pam's little book bulges with Love and Truth. It's a wonderful way to remind parents and teach children about who we really are."
~ Raymond B. Hearn (creator of The Aquarian Project)

Price: $10.00

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