Woman Spirit: Teaching & Celebrating Young Women Coming of Age (CD audiobook)

Woman Spirit simply vibrates with wisdom and spirit; wonderfully written and beautifully spoken by the author, Pam Chubbuck. A CD audio book, with informational booklet enclosed, it makes a perfect gift. A must for every girl and young woman you know. Inspiring, touching, empowering!

"A seemingly simple story, Woman Spirit touches on every aspect of what girls need to know about living life in a female body. Your daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend, will continue to be filled with the pleasure and delight about her potential womanhood long after the story is over. Woman Spirit should be listened to from ages 7 to 80. Then listened to again and again. It will enhance her life!"
~ Flying Eagle Press

A brief message from Pam about Woman Spirit

Grandmother teaches Susan and Margaret about the wonders of being women. "When you feel the quiet power of the sprouting seed and the full power of the ocean which is Mother Earth's blood -- you will know the full power you hold within you, dear one."

This story is dedicated to every granddaughter all over the world. It empowers girls to honor their bodies despite our highly-sexualized culture.

Read Pam's Interview about Woman Spirit

"Girls need nourishment for their hearts and spirits in order to grow to be emotionally and physically healthy young women. To help girls feel good about themselves, we need to celebrate them and be joyful about our own lives. Create Ceremony for yourself, or help your daughter, granddaughter or any young woman you care about, celebrate the process of becoming a woman by creating celebration and ritual around the time of First Blood."
~ Pam Chubbuck, PhD (Author)

"Pam Chubbuck is the expert on Ritual and Ceremony for Girls and Young Women."
- D. Wallace, PhD (Women's Specialist, formerly with CDC)

"Woman Spirit is the perfect gift for all the girls and women you know"
- Sharon Johnson, MD

Enjoy listening to audio samples of Woman Spirit now

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© 1995 ® Pamela L. Chubbuck. Flying Eagle Press.

Vocals/Drums: Ellen Edwards, Vocals/Wood Flute/Drums: Bob Edwards Audio Mix & Mastering: Ellen & Bob Edwards @ Between The Ponds Studio. Cover art: Lucia Helena Alescantro

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