Sacred Surgery: A Holistic – Core Energetics Approach

by Pam Chubbuck, PhD © Dec 2014

Two clients had abdominal surgery this month, with positive outcomes. Each followed my pre- and post-op suggestions for creating an optimal experience, as shared below from my own surgeries. Hopefully anyone facing surgery (or assisting someone preparing for surgery) can find helpful hints, according to resonance with your inner guidance and discussion of medical considerations with your healthcare professional.*

My first surgery – abdominal, years ago, turned out to be one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I felt safe and calm, and healed remarkably quickly with little to no pain. The minimal post-op pain required only homeopathy. Using the same principles more recently for a second, unrelated (parathyroid) surgery accomplished healing well with no pain at all. I implemented the following principles of Core Energetics, holistic medicine and energy healing.

As best you can, take charge of your surgery/hospital experience. It is your body – and your opportunity for further healing on all levels of your being.

Every life experience is an opportunity for expanding your consciousness. Having to deal with a physical issue that requires surgical intervention can provide huge potential for learning and growing. As in Core Energetics we look at all levels of the human be-ing – we need to do the same for a challenge such as surgery.

Get your body/mind in a good place. 

Begin with positive thinking. Meditate and visualize – picture your surgery as complete! See yourself as peaceful and safe, resting after the surgery – picture and feel yourself as happy, well and free of pain.

Pick your doctor carefully. You want one you feel comfortable with at least, and resonate with at best. Choose a physician willing and able to partner respectfully – talk with as well as listen to you – about treatment options, concerns and recommendations. You have the final say in how to proceed. (You hire the doctor. S/he works for you – and remember it is your body!)

SSpic4Pick the best hospital setting for you. Insurance company or other outside limitations can set up negative energetic dynamics which can undermine your healing process; therapeutic assistance processing different aspects may be needed.

Get Your Body in Shape.
Unless emergency surgery, prepare in advance: be in as good physical condition as possible – exercise, eat well, take extra vitamins and visualize/meditate as noted above, on good results with a calm mind.

Homeopathy: Please consider using homeopathic remedies** (see Resources) pre- and post-op. They work! Consult a homeopath. Research homeopathy and specifically, homeopathy for surgery.

SSpicArnicaRecommended: Arnica 200X (for wound healing and shock), Aconite 30X (for fear), Phosphorus 30X (to prevent bleeding and to clear anesthesia). If you are very afraid use Gelsemium 30X before surgery.

Leading homeopaths suggest taking Arnica just before and right after surgery and continuing for days — for trauma, shock, pain, and tissue healing. Arnica 200X worked miraculously for one client who had had very bad reactions to pain medication with a previous surgery. She was thrilled that arnica kept her pain free with no “side effects”.

Following my abdominal surgery I used only arnica post-op. My physician gave me the first dose in the recovery room, as I had requested. My son gave it to me again as soon as I entered my room and every 15-20 minutes for a few hours thereafter.

As suggested I used Aconite pre-op for fear. Let’s face it, we all feel fear when we think of having someone cut into our flesh – that’s natural. I took the recommended one dose the night before and one dose just before going into the surgical suite. I used one dose of Phosphorus pre- and post-op for bleeding; post-op also helped clear my field of anesthetic.

Talk to your physician, surgeon and anesthesiologist about your desire to use homeopathy, especially if you are sensitive or have had previous reactions to antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals.


artwork by Alex Grey

You will be healing on all levels of your energy field: Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit, so ask yourself (your Inner Physician – Higher Self – your Guides, the Universe) to assist you to be aware of all the levels of your being, including your emotions, thoughts and life lessons connected to each of them – and how best to heal.

Physically: Obviously you have a physical sign that you can’t ignore so you need help with it. You hired or will hire a surgeon to assist you. It must be taken care of and you need to pay attention to the best ways to promote healing on the physical level. This includes your body and the rest of your physical environment such as your room, light, food, people around you, sounds, sights and smells. Hopefully you have been able to choose the doctor who will help you and you feel very comfortable with him or her about these aspects.

Plan your physical space.
Create sacred space in your hospital room. Maybe a small altar – could be simply a small vase with one flower. You may want to use aromatherapy scents – lavender is a very healing and calming flower. (Use only pure essential oils.)

SSpic2Healing Touch, Food, Light, Water, Vitamins:
Have someone you love and trust – touch you with healing love. Have someone bring you any food, drinks, broth, etc. Avoid eating hospital food as it is devoid of energy.

Flood your system with vitamin C. (Bacteria hate C!) Vitamin C lessens likelihood of bacterial infection and helps with healing of tissue. I took a lot of C, refused antibiotics, and was fine in two different hospital surgical situations. I previously had bad results with antibiotics, so wanted to avoid them if possible. My physician supported my researched decision and administered the 24 grams of Vitamin C IV in the 24-hour post-op period that I requested. “We can always use them if you get an infection, rather than before you have an infection”, he said.

Linus Pauling won numerous awards, including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research of Vitamin C. My first awareness of giving Vitamin C IV to prevent infection came when a pediatrician gave my son C intravenously 40 years ago to prevent infection when he was in hospital after an accident.

Take extra A, E and Zinc before surgery. These are the tissue healing vitamins. Continue to take them after surgery for a few weeks. Research/ask your holistic practitioner how much you need.

Continue to eat only nutritious food while recovering. (How about eating better forever?) Drink lots of pure water.

Lighting: Do your best not to use fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights are in the blue spectrum and you need full spectrum lighting as in natural light to stay well and to assist healing. Open the shades to daylight and keep artificial lighting low in the room.

Sounds: Post-op, listen to music you love. Only calm soothing music. Do not turn on the TV in your room or watch TV while you are recovering, due to the vibrational energy and electromagnetic frequencies, which are jarring and disrupt healing.

People Have Energy, Too.
Allow only visitors who have positive energy to come into your space while you are in hospital and at home while you are healing. People who have negative energy can be toxic. Love yourself enough to allow only visitors whom you feel are healing presences and who can support your need to be gentle with yourself for at least a month of recovery.

I find it quite odd that in this culture some people think that a hospital room is a social environment, especially post-surgery. It is not. Some think that once a person is at home they can treat the post-op time as social. No! Do not in any way think you should be entertaining or have to talk if someone is there. Talking can be exhausting. Conserve your energy for your own healing.

The nurses and doctors who came into my room remarked at how peaceful it felt. They said they liked coming in…some made excuses to come in for a few minutes…they weren’t sure why it felt good, but it did. It was a respite for them as well.

When my doc wanted me to walk in the hall for the first time after surgery, I was amazed at what a chaotic bombardment the energy felt like out there compared to in my space. I was happy to get back to my room and of course even happier to go back home where my entire house is sacred space.

Emotional Level: Emotional energy is closely connected to the physical. You have a physical body then the etheric body which relates to the physical and then our emotional energy comes next. So you may understand that the emotional and physical affect each other immediately. Before your surgery, try to express any old feelings that may be held in your body/mind. Get some help with this. Ask a friend or therapist to assist you.

Do not be concerned about what anyone else thinks; let your emotions flow before or after surgery. It is normal to have feeling about the process and emotions need to be allowed to flow rather than suppressed/pushed down. Be sure as much emotional stuff (fear, anger, disappointment, etc) is dealt with as much as possible before you go to the hospital.

“The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.” ~Barbara Ann Brennan

When my physician called with my MRI results, saying I had a large “mass” on my right ovary that needed surgery, and it “probably is not cancer but might be cancer,” I hung up the phone and fell back onto the couch in tears. My first reaction was fear and “Oh shit! Now what?!” After crying I was able to think and plan what to do to help myself. I was lucky as the mass turned out to be benign. I was and am grateful to have learned so much during the process of planning for my surgery, having it and recovering from it.

Ask for what you want from your spouse/partner, family and friends. Including be there or don’t be there.  Sometimes there is a friend or family member (maybe your mother!) who wants to be there but just does not have the calm healing energy you need for your best healing to occur. You need to say no. But perhaps you could ask for them to shop, cook, rake your yard, or some other task needed that you can’t do. That would be a big help to you and help them feel useful and included.

Find someone to be your ally in this process. A friend or partner who will assist, support, shield, advocate for you – give you your homeopathic remedies, healthy food, re-establish quiet and calm.

I propose we create and utilize “Surgery Dulas” – the equivalent of a labor/post-partum coach – whose only job is to take care of these things for the one undergoing surgery and continue this caretaking throughout the post-surgical period.

Mental: Think positive. Do what you have to do to be in your best mindset. Understand what you need to know about your surgery, etc. Do not believe (nor dwell on) any negative beliefs you, or others may have.

Spiritual: Of course, pray. Ask people you trust and have your best healing at heart, to pray (meditate – think positive thoughts – whatever they or you are comfortable calling it) for you and yours.

SSpicPray1Outside the operating room, my surgeon, son, adopted daughter, and another doctor all held hands with me around the gurney and had a quiet prayer. I felt so calm and safe going into the surgical suite. Larry Dossey MD said that prayer is powerful medicine and it works! It should be used for every patient and by every doctor.

You may pray or meditate with family and/or friends. If they can’t be there or are not allowed to be there, have them visualize circling you with love. You visualize whomever you feel close to – could be family or friends and could be God, Spirit, your Guides circling you with love.

Of course ask for prayers to include the baby if your surgery is a C-section, whether planned or emergency.

Have an energetic healing** after the surgery as soon as you can. This, at best, works on all levels of the auric field. Have a distance healing if you do not have someone who can come into the hospital. Healings can be simple prayers, meditations for your greatest good, a loving touch. Ask people or person to focus on your healing.

SSpicPrayerIsThere are prayer circles/organizations such as Silent Unity you may ask for prayers and they will pray for your greatest good for 30 days or more. It may feel good to know people continue to pray for you.

Always: Read lovely spiritual stuff – whatever resonates with you. Dance. Sing.

Cultivate a calm and expansive attitude and stay with that.

Day of Surgery: I got up at 4 AM the morning of my surgery to have time to dance before we went to the hospital. You might choose grounding – drumming, energizing music or calmer, flowing music. I selected drumming to help me be grounded and enhance my Life Force. It is your choice. Whatever music expands you, brings you happiness and a smile, is beneficial.

Afterward for healing, listen to spiritual, calming music. Classical is helpful – Mozart, Beethoven, etc. Music has vibration, as does color and all things, including people. You need calm, healing, harmonious vibrations to assist your best healing environment.

Float and dream. It is important to dream, as it is integrative and therefore healing.

Stay quiet and get lots of rest. Drink lots of pure water. Do not watch TV or be on the computer while you are recovering. Computers, televisions – and microwaves – emit energy that can make it harder to heal.

After you get home when you are alone, continue to meditate, dream, drift in your healing. Perhaps watching one movie a day (a comedy or something uplifting) would assist your healing.
Visualize that all is well, your surgery is complete and you are content and pain free.

I see the process of your surgery complete and you are bathed in Light.
With love, Pam.


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Many homeopathic remedies can be purchased from some health food stores
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I love The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and send it to you with hope that it helps you feel safe and cared for on all levels of your being.

Prayer Requests
Silent Unity  1-800-NOW-PRAY 

Subtle Energy
Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field – Barbara Ann Brennan
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[*This article’s information is educational and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe, cure or in any way be construed as medical advice or care. ALL things related to one’s health should always be checked out by your medical practitioner. It is suggested that you consult a professional homeopath although most homeopathic remedies can be self-selected and purchased “over the counter” from your local health food store or ordered directly from a homeopathic pharmacy.]

Your “Inner Physician”/Higher Self is your ultimate guide/authority.

What makes you feel happy, safe, and expansive? What images, music, lovely smells?
Then incorporate these things into your physical space, your mind and your spiritual awareness.

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