Core Energetics
Four-Year Training Program

“In Core Energetics we teach students to become therapists
in the ancient Greek meaning of the word therapeia;
— doing the work of God, or doing the work of the whole.

Core Energetics gives us the tools and shows us
how to use these tools to co-create our own destiny.”

~ Pam Chubbuck, PhD (Director, Vitally Alive Core South)


The Core Energetics Training program includes the learning of knowledge through information exchange as well as a deeply personal experiential component. As students progress through the four years, they experience the four phases of the Core Energetic Process:

  1. Penetrating the Mask;
  2. Releasing & Transforming the Lower Self;
  3. Enhancing the Higher Self;
  4. Uncovering the Life Plan.

Core Energetics emphasizes a Core-to-Core connection between practitioner and seeker. Participants explore, confront and transform their defensive patterns to their Core. This exploration releases the energy of their love and pleasure, connects them to their soul’s truth and opens them up to their unique gifts – the source, and greatest resource of one’s work as a therapist.

It is from this inner reservoir that the Core-to-Core connection is made.

Professionals from various backgrounds (including psychotherapy, the healing professions, and theater arts) join the program seeking the integration and unification aspects of all levels of perception – mind, body, spirit and emotions. A second (lay) learning track accommodates those interested in focusing mainly on Core Energetics’ personal process.


Working with Concepts of the Mask, Lower Self, Higher Self

The Curriculum

The First Year: Building a Foundation
Year One acquaints the student with the basic concepts of energy and consciousness and how they relate to life and the process of therapy. The emphasis is on learning about oneself in terms of life task, core qualities and characterology. The Character Defense systems are presented as keys to diagnose the personal struggles and development of each individual. Practice in looking, seeing and touching prepare the student for the techniques of energetic work. Beginning to look inward and learning not to blame others is a vital foundation.

The Second Year: Techniques
Year Two emphasizes practice as students learn basic Core Energetic techniques for working with the body with consciousness and energy. Aspects of psychosomatic unity as detailed by Wilhelm Reich are taught as well as hands-on techniques developed by Lowen, Pierrakos, and others. Physical interventions to release blocked emotions, breathing and visualization methods are demonstrated and experienced. Countertransference and transference are explored.

The Third Year: Integration Training_000
Year Three integrates spiritual aspects of working with character defense systems and Core Energetic techniques. Utilizing the model of Mask, Lower Self and Higher Self, trainees focus on penetrating the false self, transforming blocks, reaching the core and uncovering their personal universal life plans. The relationship of heart energy to spirituality, love and healing is explored and nurtured. Students may begin seeing clients under supervision during the third year.

The Fourth Year: Strengthening of Gifts
Specific topics using the Core Energetics Model, such as transference and countertransference, resistance, psychopathology and ethics are covered to help round out the training program. Students are also given many opportunities to work as Core Energetics therapists. Key stages of the work – penetrating the mask, releasing the lower self, expression of the higher self and developing the life plan – are emphasized. Students begin to develop their individual unique strengths as Core Energetics therapists.

Group-workClasses convene four times a year for five days, Thursday through Monday. The schedule is designed to meet the needs of the adult learner and those who travel from a distance. Each meeting begins with group process, a fundamental part of the program, which provides grounding in Core Energetic techniques, as well as an intimate environment to explore defenses. These sessions facilitate the learning experience and offer an excellent opportunity to resolve life issues. The module ends with integration of the Spiritual Self.

Core_000Additional Requirements
Students are required to have individual therapy with an approved Core Energetics Therapist bi-monthly throughout the 4 years. A monthly process group on a weekend day assists students in continuing their process between modules during the first two years. Third- and fourth-year students are required to have two supervision sessions per month with an approved Core Energetics Supervisor. Half of those sessions must be individual and half may be in a group. A group supervision is offered by Vitally Alive Core South.

Tuition primarily pays faculty costs, which are spread among the group. Contact Pam for tuition estimate. Vitally Alive Core South consistently maintains fees as low as possible while compensating highest quality faculty members; this is a mission/service, not a for-profit endeavor. Costs for individual therapy, process group and supervision are not included in tuition.

Graduation Upon final faculty review, graduating students receive a diploma in the Core Energetics Evolutionary Process. Professional students complete a year of working with clients using Core Energetics with supervision after completion of the 4 years of class requirements. The minimum supervision requirement during the post-graduate year is 20 hours.

CEUs & Graduate Studies The curriculum of Core Energetics is recognized by numerous colleges and universities throughout the United States as sufficiently rigorous to be applicable to independent study Masters and Doctoral degree programs. Where applicable, CEUs and Certificates of Attendance will be offered.

Two Learning Tracks Vitally Alive Core South offers two tracks. Track I, for professional psychotherapists and those psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry and counseling students who are currently completing licensure requirements. Track II is for other serious seekers interested in personal growth and interested in studying Core Energetics philosophy and techniques.

Admission Prerequisites Professional track applicants preferably have a graduate degree (Doctorate or Masters). Some students may be in process of completing a graduate degree and training. Lay track students must be able to handle Masters-level work.

If a student has not already completed Anatomy & Physiology, this course work is to be completed by the end of the first year of training; prerequisite Anatomy & Physiology is offered by Vitally Alive Core South. Students without a psychology background will be required to complete coursework in the Orientation to Psychodynamics and Psychological Development; if there is sufficient need, this will be offered by Vitally Alive Core South. These courses are paid separately.

Some experience in Core Energetics therapy is required before entering the program.

Admission Procedure Request and complete an application form, write an autobiography, and send a $75 non-refundable application fee. Two colleagues and a friend shall send (three in all) letters of recommendation directly to us. A face-to-face interview will be scheduled after we receive all application components. Call (770.388.0086) or email us to request an application package.


Jac Conaway PhD, supervising students

Faculty Director of Vitally Alive Core Energetics Institute South: Pamela L Chubbuck, PhD. Senior faculty members include: Kuno Bachbauer MD; Jacqueline Carleton PhD; Jac Conaway PhD; Pam Chubbuck PhD; Walid Daw PhD; Lorraine Desmarais CCEP; Brian Gleason LCSW; Marcia Gleason LCSW; Phyllis Haber LCSW; and Michael Hungerman PhD.
Faculty will be chosen from this body and announced each year.

Mentoring As a student of Core Energetics you will receive true mentoring. Pam follows all students personally throughout the four years of the training. Pam is known as a psychotherapist’s therapist. With over thirty years’ experience as a therapist, Pam continues to practice what she teaches others. Pam worked personally with Core Energetics founder, psychiatrist John Pierrakos, MD, a truly gifted mentor, for more than three decades. Pam’s extensive experience training therapists internationally has focused on deep holistic therapy as well as supervision concentrating on countertransference issues. Pam dearly loves mentoring other professionals.

groupVitally Alive Core South accepts students from many disciplines; all longing to heal themselves and help others heal.

Vitally Alive Core South offers training in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Training is scheduled for working adults. Contact Pam Chubbuck for details.

“Today most academic programs are turning out therapists who are not required
to have a day of personal therapy. This is deeply concerning, both for these individuals
who are working at a deficit, and for their clients who need more than a theoretical approach.
It is my pleasure to serve to bridge that gap.” ~Pam Chubbuck

“Working with Pam [including 4 year training] has been one of the most rewarding times of my life.”
~ Jannine Roads (CCEP)

“The Core Energetics 4 year training was a life-changing experience for me, personally and professionally. I have found no other space in which I could explore human change/healing from the inside out in such a profound way.

My classmates and I came to know one another in a deep and honest relationship that allowed for risk-taking and truth-speaking unparalleled by any others in my life. This space, supported and guided by Pam’s knowledge, energy, and expertise, created an amazing learning and healing environment.

Pam was also one of my clinical supervisors for LPC licensure. I value those hours of learning, again for the honesty and humanness that supported my self-awareness and ability to be genuine and loving in the helping relationships with my clients. Pam is a mentor and role-model for me as a helping professional, as well as a heart-centered, self-aware person. Thank you, Pam!”
~ Deanna Hamby (MA, LPC, MAC, CPRP, CCET)

Pam with Third Year Italian Core Energetic Training Class

Pam With Third-Year Italian Core Energetics Training Class

Core Energetics:
An international organization

US training programs:
Core East, Core South, Core Northwest

Also in: Brazil, Canada,
Germany, Mexico, Greece,
land, Australia, Italy

Please email us or call Vitally Alive Core South (770.388.0086)
for details &/or an application package.


“I look forward to speaking with you.” ~Pam

Recommended Reading:

Core Energetics
by John Pierrakos, MD

Eros, Love & Sexuality
by John Pierrakos, MD

Bioenergetic Analysis
by Alexander Lowen, MD

The Pathwork of Self Transformation
by Eva Pierrakos

Recommended DVD (Core Energetics Psycho-Spiritual Exercise Classes):

Say Yes To Life! DVD Grounding & Loving Your Body +
 Expressing Your Emotions & Opening to Your Core
by Pamela Chubbuck, PhD

Vitally Alive Core Energetics South Two-Year Training Program is under construction! Check back soon or email Vitally Alive Core South to receive info when available.