Core Energetics Develops the Capacity to Love & Heal

Pam Chubbuck, PhD helps you learn to love yourself as you are – be more Vitally Alive as you become your Real Self!

Spontaneous, Authentic, Healthy, Loving, Joyful, Energetic & More!

Pam has helped others for over 35 years.

Therapy for Serious Seekers & Professional Care Givers
Mentoring & Training for TherapistsHelp yourself & help others.

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What Is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics bridges psychology and spirituality. Core Energetics was the first western psychotherapeutic approach to incorporate the spiritual aspect of being with modern psychology and body psychotherapy, making Core Energetics a truly holistic and integrative therapy.  (More)

What’s Pam Been Thinking About?

Why Body Psychotherapy?

Talk therapy may be nearing the end of its course, as current brain research helps Mainstream America more readily see the benefits of Body Psychotherapy! Some have understood for years, that preverbal trauma – prenatal, birth, and infant/toddler – cannot be healed by talking about it. Now, the most recent neurobiological research* makes an even stronger case…(More)