Why Body Psychotherapy?

Why Body Psychotherapy? (excerpt of upcoming article)

Talk therapy may be nearing the end of its course, as current brain research helps Mainstream America more readily see the benefits of Body Psychotherapy! Some have understood for years, that preverbal trauma – prenatal, birth, and infant/toddler – cannot be healed by talking about it. Now, the most recent neurobiological research* makes an even stronger case, establishing that for us to heal psychological woundings, the brain needs to heal where it was wounded. The low brain felt the terror, mid-brain the sadness and anger, and therefore we must re-experience these things (with capable support) on a preverbal level – a body level – before true healing can occur, or the brain continues re-triggering from the old wounds. The chemical reactions such as adrenaline flood, occur measurably faster than our conscious reasoning can respond, despite our best efforts and intentions. (Adrenaline flood can impact us on multiple levels for up to 20 minutes!) Only after courageously feeling and sensing with trained assistance is it effective to involve the cortex, which can then understand and choose to change behaviors. Core Energetics & Bioenergetics has known this for over 40 years! (Read Candace Pert, Stephen Porges, Jaak Panksepp, Bruce Perry, Peter Levine.)