Connections to People Pam Endorses

Core Energetics International Training Programs
Core East, Core SouthBrazil, CanadaGermany, Mexico

Core Energetics Practitioners

Deanna Hamby, LPC, Core Energetics Therapist (Atlanta, GA)
Graduate, Core South Four Year Training Program – “Deanna Hamby is wonderful!” ~ Pam     404-317-9991

Ann Bradney, Founder/Director of Radical Aliveness, CCEP  (Southern California)

Brian & Marcia Gleason, LCSWs, Core Energetics Therapists  (NY state & NYC)

Karin Knoblich, Core Energetics Practitioner (NYC)

Kuno Bachbauer, MD, Core Energetics Therapist (Maryland/DC)
Lorraine Desmarais, Director of Core Montreal, & Core Energetics Therapist  (Montreal, CA)


Dr. Gil Hedley’s Fabulous Wholistic Anatomy Information (

International Pathwork Foundation (

Sevenoaks Retreat Center/Mid-Atlantic Pathwork

USABP (United States Association for Body Psychotherapy)

Pam Endorses The Following Atlanta Area Helpers

Dr. Virginia Mayo
Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiology
Snellville, GA
“Virginia Mayo is the quintessential Chiropractor & more.” ~ Pam

Libby Eason Sener
Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner
Member of Rolf Institute
“Libby has magic hands.” ~ Pam

Holy Cow Catering
Erik Bescher
Twenty Years Experience – Personal Chef
For a small dinner party, family reunions, church functions
“Erik is wonderful, a joy to be around. His broiled salmon, the best anywhere.” ~ Pam