Bioenergetic Analysis Brings Life! Feeling! Energy!


“1966. I was young, and  other than numb, I felt only fear. So I went to the only therapy available to me at the time, and talked for a year with little relief except from cash in my wallet. Then I went to hear Alexander Lowen speak and experienced ten minutes of Bioenergetics Therapy. I learned more, and felt more, in those ten minutes than I did in the year of ‘talk therapy’. It opened me and feelings started to flow in and out again. With continued work –
Bioenergetics saved me. It brought me to life again!” ~Pam Chubbuck, PhD

Bioenergetic Analysis, developed by psychiatrists Alexander Lowen, MD and John Pierrakos, MD, is a unique and effective psychotherapy that helps people resolve emotional issues and fully realize their potential for love, health, pleasure and joy. Bioenergetic Analysis is firmly grounded on a foundation of the work of Wilhelm Reich, “the father of body psychotherapy.”

Bioenergetics has been around for 60 years but remains cutting-edge psychotherapy. Current research in multiple disciplines including neurobiology continually validates what Lowen and Pierrakos knew regarding the body-mind relationship and why effective therapy must include both.

Pam has been certified in Bioenergetic Analysis since 1988.

What is Bioenergetic Analysis?


“Bioenergetics recognizes that our experiences leave physical imprints from our earliest days of childhood. Our physiological responses to events in our lives are stored in our cells and muscles as well as our minds. Negative stored ‘memories’ can manifest in a range of problems in adult life, from patterns of failed relationships to illness and chronic pain.

Bioenergetics also recognizes that difficult childhood experiences occur in the context of close relationship with parents and caretakers, and that healing from them requires a nurturing and safe relationship in the present.

Bioenergetics invites the release of unconscious holding patterns in the body through breathing, movement and emotional expression while being supported and protected by a trained and caring therapist. People who have experienced this powerful combination of safe relationship and full expression of themselves through their bodies testify that they have renewed energy they can apply toward healthy pleasure and purpose in life.”
~Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetics: The Revolutionary Therapy That Uses the Language of the Body
to Heal the Problems of the Mind
 – by Alexander Lowen MD