Goodbye, Dad – I’ll Always Love You: An Interactive Keepsake Journal (E-book)

Goodbye, Dad - I'll Always Love You:
An Interactive Keepsake Journal

Author, Dr Pamela Chubbuck, tells us that children need better help than has been available so far, to adequately deal with the deepest emotional wound imaginable: the death of a parent. Helping your child in positive ways that include body/emotion/mind/ spirit will assure that the child will have the necessary skills and understanding to heal from this wounding and be healthier and happier now and as an adult.

"Goodbye, Dad - I’ll Always Love You, is integrative, soul-filled, spiritual psychology at its best. A long time leader in the holistic field and a true healer, Pam generously shares her clear, open hearted wisdom and leads you and your child step by step through the most painful terrain. Absolutely, share this book with the bereaved kids you love!"
~ Candace Pert PhD (Author of Molecules of Emotion and Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d; Chief Science Officer, Rapid Laboratories)

“This very helpful book is direct without being directive. Goodbye, Mom matter-of-factly acknowledges the rich and real experience of loss in a way that can help children move into and through their feelings and thoughts as a natural process of healing, The book is both psychologically and spiritually savvy while remaining child-friendly. In a situation where there really is no ‘right thing to say,’ it brings essential and helpful guidance without providing too-tidy answers. It recognizes universal spiritual themes and anticipates psychological needs while honoring the child’s unique experience. Goodbye, Mom respects the rich and deep needs of a child in grief and provides a kind and clear path for healing.”
~ Tobin Hart PhD (Author of The Secret Spiritual World of Children; Professor, Department of Psychology, University of West Georgia; President, ChildSpirit Institute.

Individual Copies  - $10
(Download up to 5 copies)

Organizational Copies - $25
(Download up to 25 copies)

Goodbye, Dad - I'll Always Love You is available in E-book form to make it more immediately available and so you can create copies for your child to use over time. Working with the book now and then again in a few months, next year, and so on as the child grows in awareness and needs change, make it most helpful. You may download up to 5 copies for one low price, thus it can be used by all siblings who are grieving. Grandma or other caretaker should have a copy and of course keep a copy to read for yourself. Goodbye, Dad... is an Interactive Keepsake Journal, designed to be written on, pasted in, and colored - to be bound by you and your child, or your older child, making it a treasure that may be kept for a lifetime.

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