Say Yes To Life! DVD (2 Psycho-Spiritual Exercise Classes to DO, Not Just Watch)

Say Yes To Life! DVD

with Pam Chubbuck PhD

Psycho-Spiritual Exercises™ to be Vitally Alive!
2 one-hour classes on one DVD!

 I. Grounding & Loving Your Body
II. Expressing Your Emotions & Opening to Your Core

At last! Exercises that help you Integrate Body * Emotions * Mind * Spirit.

Join Pam & her students & open to your loving center - your Core.

"I developed these psycho-spiritual exercise classes as empowering tools to put you in charge of your own transformation. Be more grounded, healthy, spontaneous, loving and joyful! Join in often and become your True Self! Blessings on your journey." ~Pam

Here's what people are saying about Say Yes To Life!:

"I feel more alive, have more color in my face, breathe deeper. After I express my negative emotions I feel more loving. I connect with people better, which makes me a better doctor."
David Johnson, DO

"[Pam's] classes are powerful. I find them necessary to be in contact with my own power and very useful in my psychotherapy practice with clients."
Margarita Ramirez, Mexico

"I feel my whole body and feel more contact with the ground. I feel more! Better!"
~ Colleen Robinson, RN

"The exercises allow me to safely feel my anger and sadness - which I could never do before without fear of rejection."
~ Beth Koehler, CPT

"My friends say I'm more alive. I'm more honest with myself and others."
~ Mike Honer

"Pam's classes are a must for anyone interested in coming out of their shell."
~ Vally D'Souza, PhD

This product contains the following content:

I. Grounding & Loving Your Body

In class one, Pam begins with an explanation of grounding; then leads you gently, step by step, through exercises which awaken your body physically and energetically. She helps you focus on your legs, feet and your First Chakra, which connects you to your physical body and to the earth. Pam encourages you to feel your aliveness through your body. She allows plenty of time for you to experience being grounded and how good it can feel. With grounding you feel more here, more real and more secure. The class ends with exercises designed to help you appreciate and love yourself more fully.

II. Expressing Your Emotions & Opening to Your Core

Class two provides a graphic presentation beginning with how and why you must express your 'self' in order to heal. Pam then skillfully moves you into practicing that expression. You begin by taking off your mask: your false ego self, and then move into the primal emotions of the Second Chakra. You must express your "No!" before you can fully choose "Yes!" With encouragement, you express: "No I won't! I'm scared! I'm angry! I hate! I need! I want!" Expressing your emotions moves your energy and allows you to feel alive, joyful, and live your life spontaneously. This taped class ends with exercises designed to open to your core, or loving center, allowing you to connect to spirit.

Price: $55.00

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