What My Mother Never Told Me About Bleeding & Other Essential Stuff: Poems to Amuse, Enlighten & Empower Women

The subtitle delineates it: Poems to Amuse, Enlighten, and Empower Women. The title and contents of this little book are quintessential Pam - who readily talks about the elephant in the room that most maskily pretend isn't there, but some of us breathe a grateful sigh of relief when Pam "goes there" about our female bodies, our bleeding, and sexual pleasure... .What My Mother Never Told Me About Bleeding and Other Essential Stuff tells you what your mother never did but you wish she had! 

"Be fully alive in your body, dear one, bleed joyfully, embrace pleasure, and have sacred sex!"

~ Pam Chubbuck, PhD

"Principles, values, spiritual concepts and scientific information are woven with love and tenderness in this powerful work. What My Mother Never Told Me... is an uplifting must-read for women and a marvelous gift for your favorite woman friend. Pam Chubbuck is one terrific woman and this is one terrific book!"
Nadine Lewis (Broadway actress, singer, lyricist, playwright, and author of Pictures From My Heart)


Price: $10.00

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