Pam’s Thoughts & Hopes For Our Psychotropic Travesty

July 2015 © I grow more concerned, even alarmed, as I continue to study psychotropic medications. Reliable international research more clearly documents daily that psychiatric medications — anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and ADHD meds (and the presumed “innocuous” sleep medications) — come with serious … Continue reading

Exciting News! John Pierrakos MD: Genius with a Heart*

Pam and other Core World Wide leaders are teaming up to create a documentary film (*working title) honoring Core Energetics’ innovator, the first to integrate body/emotions/mind/spirit in western psychotherapy and psychiatry. John Pierrakos/Core Energetics Film Project News (February 1, 2015) … Continue reading

Sacred Surgery by Pam Chubbuck PhD – Resources

**RESOURCES & SUGGESTED READING:  Homeopathy Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century – Dana Ullman The Consumer’s Guide to Homeopathy – Dana Ullman Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine – Timothy R. Dooley, MD, ND Homeopathy – Remedies Washington Homeopathic Products  1-800-336-1695 … Continue reading

Being a human is going to School – being in relationship is the University and being a committed couple is Graduate School! Being a committed couple is one very good way we learn to be independent, be together, transform our … Continue reading

Help! My 5 Year Old Has Homework!

Long Term Trauma Caused in Children by Conventional School Experiences, Society, Some Teachers’ & Parents’ Lack of Basic Understanding of Developmental Psychology by Pamela L Chubbuck, PhD  © 2010, updated/revised 2014 The great hoax andtragedy is that parents are led … Continue reading