Psycho-Spiritual Personal Intensives™

A Personal or Couples Intensive with Pam

My unique process of working with clients is a bridge between psychology, body psychotherapy, and spirituality. I am devoted to assisting people in integrating body/emotions/mind/will/spirit, becoming truly alive, conscious, and responsible, functioning with creative grace, and developing the capacity to love and to heal. To this end I utilize over 35 years of experience and training in a variety of modalities: Bioenergetic Analysis, Core Energetics, The Pathwork, Subtle Energy work, Native American spiritual practices, philosophy, and new physics, among others.

I have created Psycho-Spiritual Personal Intensives™ for people from all walks of life. Lay people and professionals from many disciplines. I have worked with professional therapists of many modalities. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists have had Personal Intensives with me. Also: healing instructors, massage therapists, lawyers, business men and women, musicians, artists, students of Core Energetics, students of Healing Science, RNs, physicians, ministers, medical students, and healers, are examples of those who have sought out this kind of work. Families have well utilized the Personal Intensive format.

You Get the Time You Need. In a Personal Intensive we take ample time to focus on you and your process without feeling rushed. In a several to many day period, personalized, individual, energetic work will assist you in your evolution toward your healing and to opening more deeply to your heart’s and spirit’s longings. We will plan together a schedule that best suits your personal, emotional and spiritual needs.

During our work together I will assist you to work on all five levels of human existence:
1) body; 2) emotions; 3) mind; 4) will; and 5) spirit. I will assist you: to unmask and be your true self; to express your painful (and joyful) emotions and the negativities of your shadow – your lower self – your dark side; to explore your images, your negative beliefs and false conclusions, and to open to your Core – your heart – your Higher Self – your Spiritual Nature.

P hand on B's heartWhy an Intensive? Intensives are particularly geared for people who need and desire more session time. People create Intensives for various reasons. The following are some examples. They: 1) hit a wall in therapy – feel stuck; 2) are dealing with a life crisis such as divorce, illness or death of a loved one;
3) cannot feel love; 4) want to go deeper into their personal process; 5) are fulfilling school training requirements; 6) are battling their saboteur – their lower self – which is threatening to take over (are terrified, depressed, anxious, lost faith, for example); 7) are in Stage Three Recovery from an addiction;
8) live at a distance where it is difficult to get to weekly sessions;  9) are dealing with psychosomatic illness; 10) there is no appropriate therapist nearby.

I created the Personal Intensive in 1994 to meet the needs of people needing to come from a distance to work with me. I very much enjoy working within the Intensive setting. In the late 60’s and early 70’s some of the first training and experience I received was working in a group intensive format. There, clients worked in a residential setting, 12 hours a day for 3 weeks straight. It was very exciting cutting edge work!

Mentoring & Therapy for Psychotherapists. I have been a therapist for, trained and supervised psychotherapists internationally for over 25 years. It is my pleasure and honor to work in this capacity with colleagues.

P&SPeople come from many areas. People travel from all around the Atlanta, Georgia area, and from states such as: Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Maine, and California; and from countries such as Mexico and Canada, and as far as Switzerland, England, Germany, Turkey and Brazil.

How Much Time Will You Need? We will create your Intensive according to your personal needs. Most people need 3 to 5 days. Occasionally people will schedule 2 days and up to 3 weeks has been scheduled with a team. Your time in session with me is also according to your personal therapeutic needs; usually the entire day is scheduled and can vary from 3 to 7 hours as issues emerge. The remainder of your day is for integrating, resting, journaling, walking, and perhaps a short reading or writing assignment.

 If we decide to work together, I will be honored to assist you on your journey.
Bring only yourself, your journal and a pen.

“Whatever you choose to do, you are blessed”  ~ Pam

Read Pam’s Intensives article: Psycho-Spiritual Personal Intensives™:
A Healing Process Unlike Any Other

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About Personal Intensives with Pam:

“I have done a lot of work on myself, over years, in various settings and countries, but my Intensive with Pam offered something unique. Working with Pam, in a setting where she was solely available for me over 4 days, enabled a level of intensity that allowed me to get into a ‘flow’ that I haven`t come across before.”
~ Andreas Gertler (Head Group Human Resources, Frankfort, Germany)

“This may seem strange to write about but I hope I can help someone else by writing it. I have been constipated for 30 years trying all sorts of medical and alternative methods to heal my problem. After 2 days of my 4 day Intensive with Pam I arrived joyous the morning of the third day to announce to Pam that I had three (3!) spontaneous bowel movements since I had left her the last evening! Astounding! Pam showed me the body/emotion/mind blocking I had been practicing, what my negative beliefs were about my intense need to hold and assisted me to unblock years of emotional/physical tension. Some of it was actually fun too! The next 2 days were equally wonderful. I think I did over 2 years worth of therapy in 4 days! Thank you so much!”
~ Patricia M (Ireland)

“My Intensive with Pam Chubbuck has been amazingly powerful and revealing. She worked at my pace and pushed me when I needed it. What happened for me in four days was astounding! Pam is incredible. She is a master in her field and it was a joy and a privilege to be with her. I cannot recommend Pam and her Intensive program enough! I will be happy to talk about my expereince to any potential client.”
~ Mary W (London, England)

“Pam Chubbuck is simply the best. She has an unerring feel for the body and for the truth, and works from her deep grounded wisdom and compassion. My work with her actually feels like a miracle to me. I did work with Pam that had wanted to surface for years and years that had never surfaced in any of the many other therapeutic environments I have been in (for over 20 years). Doing my Intensive work with Pam was the biggest gift I have ever given myself. Something opened in me that I did not know how to do myself or anywhere else. I will always be profoundly grateful.”
~ Paula Hansen (Artist, Educator, Core Energetics Institute Graduate, California)

“My Core Energetics Personal Intensive [July 04] with Pam Chubbuck was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. …As a therapist Dr Chubbuck is extraordinary…She is incredibly intuitive and knows just when to push and when to relax the session…She was able to reach the inner child in me and help me express emotions that I have held in my body for years. My Personal Intensive was a perfect way to make  a huge amount of progress in a short period of time. I made more progress in those three days than I had in an entire year of talk therapy.”
~ Ed Kreitman (Chicago, IL, Director, Naperville Suzuki School)

“I worked with Pam in a Personal Intensive and even though I had only a weekend to work with her, Pam helped me cover a lot of ground. I left the weekend with a much deeper understanding of myself. Pam was gentle yet tough – compassionate, grounded, openhearted, and wise. She insisted that I have fun too. What most impressed me was the sense of safety I felt with her from the moment I met her. Pam created a very strong and safe container in which I could work. My Intensive has proved to be a very important part of my personal growth, for which I will always be grateful.”
~ Beth Schomaker (RN, BBSH Graduate)

“I hope it is American – English enough to be understood. It is a honor for me to write for your Intensive website. My five day intensive work with Pam was carried by her very big and trust-giving heart, marked by her clarity, supportive insistence, and kind guidance through my blocks  of energy and pain… and her playful way of giving my inner child a respectful place.”
~ Roland Jurt (Zurich, Switzerland)

“After a two day hospital stay, two emergency room visits, a month of diarrhea and serious weight loss and all medical tests returning as ‘normal’ I found Pam through a friend. Pam was the first (and only) compassionate, caring, loving person of the many general practitioners, G.I. docs and other professionals I had seen.I learned through Pam the connections between emotional and physical pain and illness. My physical symptoms turned out to be directly connected to childhood loss and repressed emotions around the illnesses and deaths of my sister and then my mother.”
~ Angie Graver (Decatur, GA)

“I came to Pam not knowing who I really was. Pam helped me feel what I wanted, needed, and what I was afraid to feel. She helped me become more aware of myself, my body, what I like, what I don’t like, how I want to be treated, how I want to exist! So many important things in my life have miraculously changed and are still changing ever since I did my Intensive. Pam gave me the time and support in my personal process of growth that I so needed.”
Defne (Turkey, college & BBSH student)

“I arrived at my Intensive as a ball of compacted energy filled with fear, anxiety and defensiveness. In 4 days I learned to trust and to break out of that ball and unleash a tremendous amount of energy held inside. I am now aware of when my energy starts to get compacted. Pam taught me and I have incorporated a program to combat the compaction and to keep my energy flowing. So much compacted energy was released! I can now feel my heart which felt blocked for an entire year! I now feel my life force flowing like a fountain inside. I let go of guilt and shame. Pam’s caring nature and lack of judgment greatly facilitated open communication. She made me aware of my negative forces that were dictating my life. Pam gave me the tools to rid myself of my negativity and to harness my buried positive life force.”

“This has enabled me to take charge and direct my life from my heart center, instead of by external demands. In the battle between my heart and head, my heart is finally winning out! I have more energy, better health, happiness and internal shifting to align my life with its true purpose. I feel 100% better. One hundred percent! Thank You!”
Joan LoMonaco (RN, BBSH student)