About Pam

Pam & Jacques, Therapy Dog

Pam Chubbuck, PhD, is a trail blazing, innovative thinker, teacher, therapist and mentor. She stays on the cutting edge, paradoxically both because of and despite decades of education, training, learning, experience as a psychotherapist, supervisor and international trainer, and because she has done and continues to do her own work.

Pam has spent most of her life studying and working toward unifying body/emotions/mind/spirit through studying and integrating psychology, spirituality, lifespan development, medicine and bio-energy work.

Being a wounded healer herself, Pam is especially passionate and skilled in assisting care givers in their own healing process.

Pam’s specialty is in working with the person as a whole, with body/emotions/mind/spirit, using primarily Core Energetics. Her lifelong study and experience provides her with unusually wide expertise including: psychosomatic and stress difficulties; coping with illness, loss and death; problems of childhood, adolescence and families; couples/relationships; alcohol/codependence issues; sexual issues; early trauma including adoption; sexual, physical, emotional abuse trauma; and spiritual issues, including spiritual emergence.


Pam has raised 3 sons, who are among her greatest teachers. Her family now includes nine grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, two step-children, her life partner Rodney as well as certified therapy dog Jacques, who relentlessly teaches  that “Life is about giving and receiving love.”

Pam’s PhD is in psychology; her Master’s degree is in counseling/psychology. She is an LPC in Georgia, LICSW in the District of Columbia, and previously held an LMFT in Maine. She is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Practicing Healer. She supervises and teaches post-graduate professionals internationally. Pam is an approved supervisor for LPCs in GA.

A psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience, Pam studied Core Energetics extensively with John Pierrakos, MD, founder of The Core Energetic Evolutionary Process and co-founder of Bioenergetics. Pam is also a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, and worked with Alexander Lowen, MD, co-founder of Bioenergetic Analysis. Pam is a certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, having graduated from the first 4-year training class of Barbara Ann Brennan, author of Hands of Light. Study with Mietek Wirkus, internationally known healer and teacher of “Bio-Energy Healing,” further expanded Pam’s energetic and healing skills. Pam developed Psycho-Spiritual Personal Intensives™ to expertly assist and support those ready for or in need of deep, profound process.


Pam trained as a pastoral counselor in the early ’70s. She was a childbirth educator, midwife, La Leche League leader, sex educator and Assistant Professor at the University of the District of Columbia. As a Counselor/Educator at Georgetown University Hospital, she taught medical students and innovated a program for counseling parents of compromised newborns.

Pam is co-founder of the American Society for Psychoprophalaxis in Obstetrics – educating women, their partners and physicians about healthy natural birth practice, in the Washington DC area; and co-founder of GAIABRIEL, a national spiritually-based organization dedicated to the unification of body/emotions/mind/spirit. Pam was a founding board member of the USABP (United States Association of Body Psychotherapy).

Director of the Vitally Alive Core Energetic Institute South Four Year Training Program in Atlanta, GA, Pam is on the International Faculty of the Institute of Core Energetics where she has taught and supervised post-graduate therapists in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and in the US in Georgia, New York and California. For ten years Pam was Director of The School of Bio-Energy & Spiritual Healing in Mexico, and taught master classes there for 13 years. Pam is considered a master at working with and observing the subtleties of human energy, also called bio-energy, chi, and orgone.

Pam effectively uses the written word to teach, authoring several books and numerous articles.
She created Say Yes to Life! DVD, an empowering tool to assist clients in their own transformation, based on the Core Energetic Evolutionary Process.

Pam lives and works outside of Atlanta, GA and in Dennysville, ME.

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