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Pam is a “Therapist’s Therapist” – particularly skilled in Supervision, uniquely gifted & insightful with Countertransference Issues.

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Deep Healing, Especially for Wounded Helpers


Doing good therapy requires first knowing and being your best self. Being Real. Core Energetics goes beyond application of basic therapy modalities, to the Art, Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy. The therapist uses self as therapeutic tool. Un-Masks! Connects heart-to-heart (Core-to-Core) with the client as an equal on this path, to learn from as well as to teach. Not for the faint nor the feint of heart!

Seeking courageous care givers willing to take risks and work to feel and heal!  Be Vitally Alive! Then truly help, within the safety, support and guidance of wisdom, experience and love. 

Pam delights in seeing the spark of life energy come back into the eyes of a therapist who has felt “burned out”. Through the process of Core Energetics care takers can find or recapture their love of life and the love of their true life’s work.

“It is my pleasure to assist therapists who want to know their deeper selves and in so doing become better therapists.” ~Pam

Being a part of Core Training Supervision was pretty scary at first because part of my childhood trauma had to do with teachers making harsh judgmental remarks. Working with Dr. Chubbuck was such a blessing as she supervised me in a way that supported, helped, and never judged me. She helped me to question my beliefs so I could get closer to the truth of my true self – thus assisting me to help my clients. Pam’s gentle and encouraging supervision remains with me as I work with others, for this I am most grateful. Thank you Pam!”
~ Jannine Roads (CCEP, Yoga Instructor, Professional Coach)

Pam expertly assists and challenges while unconditionally accepting and patiently allowing me to become the person and helper I want to be.

What Professionals Say About Pam

“Pam is the absolute BEST. Sensitive, creative, adventurous and absolutely the sharpest of therapists. She has deep insight into the human struggle from fearlessly facing her own life’s difficulties and from extensive academic studies in a wide diversity of ‘fields’- medical to metaphysical and everything in between. I would trust Pam with my own kids.”
~ Jac Conaway (PhD, Certified Core Energetics Therapist, Pathwork Helper, International Trainer, NY)

“Pam Chubbuck has a genius both for perceiving Counter Transference and for devising effective interventions to resolve our most difficult cases. This genius comes from her decades of experience & training in cutting edge body psychotherapies, and a healthy dose of pure intuitive ability. Pam has the ability to feel the issues and needs of others, to detect, gently expose, and free colleagues from what she calls the ‘Land-Mine’ of Counter Transference.”
~ Christopher Beattie (LCSW, Certified Core Energetics Therapist, Core Energetics NY faculty member, Baltimore)

“For 5 years I assisted Pam Chubbuck in Core Four Supervision classes in New York. Pam is an inspired, exceptional supervisor and teacher who has the gift of brilliance especially when working with counter transference and transference issues. I learned from her how closely looking at my own counter transference keeps my work fresh and alive! Pam’s heart is golden – she teaches and leads with her powerful yet kind and gentle wisdom. You must experience Pam’s individual &/or group supervision class! It will vastly improve your work with clients as you more deeply know yourself.”
~ Cassandra Roth (BS, Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, New York)

“I first met Pam as a Core Energetics teacher in New York. I explored the Gold mine of counter transference with her and I felt she really embodied what she was teaching. I now work with her as my supervisor. Having a practice for over 24 years as a therapist- healer, I really believe in supervision. It is good to have someone with as much experience as Pam has to continue to support me.  As a Director of the Core Energetics training in Quebec I receive an additional support from Pam with her experience as a Director of her own school. I really enjoy her qualities of love, caring, simplicity and humor — to name few. I thank Pam for being who she is.”
Lorraine Desmarais (Director of Core Training/Canada, CCEP)

“Clarity. Integrity. Compassion. Grounded. Wise. Pam embodies these qualities and through that capacity she provides the safest of environments to process deeply defended pain held in the bodymind. My experience with her in group has relieved and inspired me. I am deeply grateful that she is willing to offer her wisdom and healing capacities to others. What a gift!”
~ Bridget Simmerman (LCSW, Virginia)

“I have never before had a role model for a woman who so fully embodies both strength and love. Pam’s ability to bring the deepest and rawest emotion to the surface of awareness and to work with it to transform and heal is a profound gift. I have a greater courage to be more fully myself in the world having spent time with Pam, a woman with enormous vitality who exemplifies what it is like to live deeply in touch with one’s self.”
~ Kathy Lucy (LMFT, Atlanta)
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“I think Pam is the most gifted of John Pierrakos’ Core Energetics students.”
~ Sharon Wheeler Hancoff (Certified Rolfer, Rolf Instructor, Certified Core Energetics Practitioner)

“Pam has Sequoia roots; she is firmly grounded as well as spiritually connected to Source. I’m still here because Pam knew how to help me when no one else did. Her enormously open, undefended heart, combined with her wisdom and extensive training, carries on the spirit of John Pierrakos’ ‘therapy of the heart’ like no other. She balances that with a refreshingly playful ‘joie de vivre’ that makes her – Pam, Master Therapist.”
~ Greer Shipp (MEd, Emotional/Behavior Disorders Teacher, Atlanta)

“Pamela Chubbuck was once my teacher, then a colleague and finally a friend. She remains the best psychotherapist known to me.”
~ Steven Hancoff (LCSW, Certified Rolfer, Certified Core Energetics Therapist, Internationally known musician, guitar virtuoso)

“Pam Chubbuck is a person of true integrity. In my experiences with Pam I always felt warmly received, understood and never judged. Pam’s compassion and insight make for an experience that allowed safe exploring and discovery of my whole being and well-being. She intervened and guided from her higher self with great intuition and skill. This higher self perspective acts as a beacon that helped me better find and know my own higher self. I can fully recommend Dr. Chubbuck as a person and a professional who will assist and guide you on your way to your higher personal and professional self.”
~ John Burton (EdD, LPC, LPCS; author of Hypnotic Language: Its Structure and Use and States of Equilibrium)

[Pam’s Say Yes To Life! DVD] exercises are powerful. I find them necessary to be in contact with my own power and very useful in my psychotherapy practice with clients.”
Margarita Ramirez (Mexico)

“Pam Chubbuck is a gifted therapist and healer. I’ve known Pam for over 20 years as one of the extraordinary teachers in my Core Energetics training. Her integrity, wisdom and willingness to really ‘go for it’ have inspired me to jump in with both feet. Thank you Pam for helping me to discover myself!”
~ Brian Gleason (LCSW, author of Mortal Spirit (also, with Marcia Gleason, LCSW: Going All the Way & Exceptional Relationships)

Excerpt from Countertransference: Gold Mine or Land Mine – Understanding & Working with Countertransference (The Key to Being an Effective Therapist)
~ Pamela L. Chubbuck, Ph.D. © 1996, 2011

“Countertransference issues no longer should be hidden or denied, and on the contrary, can bring the greatest treasures to both the Client and the Therapist.

One of my favorite mentors, John Bellis, MD, a former student of Harry Stack Sullivan, told me in the early 1970’s that he was a lot more interested in countertransference than in transference. I didn’t really understand his dedication to the subject then. Today I find countertransference most fascinating and have a passion for unraveling my own, and my clients’ and students’, countertransferential quagmires. I love it.

We as psychotherapists don’t often (aren’t supposed to) admit that we need the personal gratification of our continued ever-unfolding story to stay alert and interested in our chosen helping profession. Many of my colleagues have “bitten the dust”, “burned out”, gotten bored, changed careers – in the over 40 years that I have been in practice. I have observed that it is the professional who doesn’t whole-heartedly and continually pursue his or her own personal journey of transformation, that gets stuck, quits or becomes an uninspired therapist.

One way to stay interested and alive is to continue to pursue your own growth, and working with our own issues of countertransference is a wonderful way to grow. Countertransference is either a Gold Mine or a Land Mine. Obvious to the words I use to describe it, when understood and used well by the therapist in the therapeutic environment, countertransference brings us lots of treasures; when not understood or used skillfully it can, and usually does, destroy us.

In order to help others in the process we call therapy, we must first understand ourselves. Without a thorough understanding of how and why we think and feel as we do, we cannot help our clients understand how and why they operate as human beings.

It is most helpful if we have undergone our own effective therapy and analyzed our own patterns of defense, which we all have – but may not always want to admit. We can then intellectually understand our client, as well as have an emotional base of empathy.